Brett Koebcke has been working as a certified strength and conditioning specialist for ten years. He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BS in Exercise Science, where he had also earned a scholarship to play football. Post graduation, Brett began to study the principles of Charles Poliquin. Brett worked at the Poliquin Performance Center for six years, before joining Performance Training Systems in the fall of 2012.

Brett has learned and studied from some of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world.  He is a sports performance expert that specializes in the following; structural balance, olympic lifting, modified strongman training, energy system training, fat loss and hypertrophy programs, functional range conditioning, metabolic analytics, and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries. He has trained numerous professional, collegiate and high school athletes from over fifteen different sports.

Brett practices what he preaches and competes in the sport of Natural Bodybuilding. In his competition debut he earned two first place and one second place finishes in the OCB Midwest States. Brett is a certified PICP Level 3 National Strength Coach and Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA.

Personal Trainer Cortez Cross

Brett Koebcke

BS, CSCS, PICP Level 3 National Strength Coach, FRC